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Sex without stress

The DVD “Slow Sex“ by Diana Richardson encourages to slowing down and relaxing in bed.

Sex has become overlaid with issues of performance that carry the promis to fulfill our dreams, while in fact our sexual reality is mostly removed from that.

But can sex make really us happy?

Bestselling author and sex therapist Diana Richardson, has a unique approach during our fast times: Slow Sex - as a way to greater initimacy and more frequent sex.
Slow Food, Yoga and other alternatives in relaxation and enjoyment have already enhanced many aspects of our lives. Now it is time to take a fresh look at sex.

With her great wisdom and vast experience in the realms of sexuality, Diana Richardson explains a new style of loving. Graphics and models explain clearly how sex actually functions. Refreshing, humorous and touching statements, made by people of all ages, give a window into their experiences, and confirm that Slow Sex is truly a feasible alternative.

Slower, deeper, more relaxation and sensitivity – that’s how sex make you happy!

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DVD • 80min • german / english
ISBN 978-3-942502-14-6