Diana Richardson

Diana Richardson, Sex therapist and author of the best selling books "The Heart of Tantric Sex" and "Tantric Orgasm for Woman” is a native South African, and received her law degree at the University of Natal in Durban, South Africa, before she devoted herself totally to researching sex and meditation.
Her approach reflects the knowledge of ancient Indian and Chinese philosophies as well as modern sexual science. The essence of her teaching lies in the simple yet effective “Love Keys” which show how sex can become a healing and energizing instrument of love. She has explained her approach in detail in her previous books.

With her husband Michael Richardson, Diana Richardson leads the Making Love Retreats since 1995. They are among the leading authorities in the field of sexuality.
Six books on a new understanding of sexuality are published in several languages. Their interest is to offer an alternative to conventional sex, a style that meets our true nature and grants us more love and a more fulfilling sex life.

The DVD Slow Sex is a visual contribution to this new style of loving.