Slow Sex - The Film

In an over-sexed society dominated by advertising, performance has become everything. Measured against the ever-present images of an ideal, reality can only serve to disappoint. The accelerated pace of life and the idea of erotic perfection and performance makes a contest even out of sex, togetherness and love.

“Slow Sex is conscious sex“, says Diana Richardson. She recommends slowing down for a happy and fulfilling sex life.

In her books as well as in her seminars she communicates a new understanding of a vital and positive sexual expression. Certainly it is a genuine alternative to the hasty, disconnected and mechanical imitation of sex as seen in the media.
It is this innocent individuality in sex and the erotic sphere to which this DVD is dedicated, and its foundation is the material in Diana and Michael’s successful books and seminars.

The focus is to counteract the fast pace and over-sexualization by bringing back naturalness and authenticity to our sexual behavior.

Relaxation and awareness instead of performance and fear of failure, spontaneity instead of mechanical repetition, switching gears and simply being - in these ways sex can be an invitation to get closer to yourself and your partner.

The DVD is both a documentary and a self-help guide, aimed at people wishing to explore body, mind and spirit in conjunction with sex.
The insights are not a new healing philosophy but rather a pragmatic help in life that extends far beyond the realm of sexuality.